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Ezra Ray

I cant begin to say tell you how much i am just completely in love with my new little one. He, like his brother, was not ready to join us and put up quite a fight. I was hoping and praying this time that i wouldnt have to be induced like i was with Recker, because of how horrible and long his delivery was. Unfortunately i had to be induced because they were afraid of shoulder dystocia because Ezra had macrosomia. Pretty much they were afraid that because Ezra was measuring soooo large when i delivered him, that his head would deliver but his shoulders would get stuck and they would have to push him back through and deliver him via C-Section. What a nightmare right?! 

They scheduled my induction for 5 am, so we got our bags all ready, recker went and slept with my parents. Around 3 am they called and said they would have to postpone my induction because they were full and didnt have room for me. I can honestly say it was one of the most dissappointing moments of my life. I had kept it together almost my entire pregnancy without any "emotional pregnant lady moments," but i lost it. I cried and cried. The worst part is they couldn't give me a time or date when i could come in, they said they would call to let me know, and that it could be 5 hours or 5 days, it would just depend on when they had an open bed/room. I tried to sleep, but i couldnt......


Galentines Party Crasher

I absolutely love Valentines day! I know its kinda lame and commercialized, but who doesn't love a whole day dedicated to spoiling and being spoiled by the ones they love? Well this year was especially special, Jeremy and i are about to have baby #2 so all the alone time we get is soooo special. My amazing sister Kaitlyn volunteered to watch Recker for us so we could spend a night alone together, and i can't tell her enough how much it meant to us!....


Be Grateful.

I haven't posted much about this pregnancy or our new babe thats due any day now. For those of you know who me well, are familiar with my pregnancies and how "they go." I stay seriously sick throughout my entire pregnancies, nauseous and vomiting all day, EVERY DAY. End up in the hospital a couple times with dehydration etc...When i was pregnant with Recker i was literally miserable the entire time, and everyone knew it because i was very vocal about my misery. I was not fun to be around. Who wants to be around someone who complains constantly? So when jeremy and i were talking about having another baby, i understandably was nervous my pregnancy would be the same as it was with recker. Sick all 41.5 weeks, 42 hours of labor and 4+ hours of pushing that baby, etc...was i really ready for all of that again? One day it just hit me. I should be so grateful. I should be grateful that i get to experience all of those "miserable" things.


Favorites of 2012

I know its a little late but here are a few of my favorite IG photos from 2012!


Give Thanks...

Im trying to play catch up with the past couple months I've missed. Thanksgiving was amazing as always!! This year Recker was a little helper in the kitchen, he has been insisting on always being right there when its time to bake/cook. We had Pie. LOTS of PIE! Not nearly as much as a few years ago when we had enough pies for everyone (40 people?) to have their own. Anyways most of the day was spent eating, napping and eating some more. Oh and recker jumping into the pool a couple times. And ended the day with Black Friday (late night Thursday) shopping with Ashley Cooper......


HBD Recks

I can't believe its been 3 years since my little boy was born! He was such a beautiful baby and has turned into such a fun and exceptionally loving boy. He absolutely loves his family more than anything, and lights up when his dad gets home from work everyday. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He loves any and all things cars, is the best helper in the kitchen-he loves to watch and help bake/cook and the best part? he's such a helper with dishes! If he were allowed, he would play outside with his friends all day long. He is hilarious and has is constantly laughing!!