1 & 2 Bubbles are a boys best friend. Recker has been loving playing with his friends Dylan, Easton, Kayla and Benson// 
3. Looking like twins with Jeremy // 4. This guy could and would play outside all day if i let him. // 5. Jeremy's parents have the most amazing yard that Recks can run free in without having to worry about anything. // 6. As always being completely adored and loved on by his aunts Kaitlyn & Haleigh. // 7. We've spent more than enough days in bed snuggling lately, I've got to get it in before this new babe comes. // 8. Looooved wedding dress shopping and planning Haleigh's bridal shower. // 9. Daily i catch Recker looking off in deep thought, i would give ANYTHING to know what he was thinking. // 10. We've been spending a lot of time with his little hunnies Olive, Scout and Ivy. Its so great to see his social progression when he "plays" with friends.

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