Galentines Party Crasher

I absolutely love Valentines day! I know its kinda lame and commercialized, but who doesn't love a whole day dedicated to spoiling and being spoiled by the ones they love? Well this year was especially special, Jeremy and i are about to have baby #2 so all the alone time we get is soooo special. My amazing sister Kaitlyn volunteered to watch Recker for us so we could spend a night alone together, and i can't tell her enough how much it meant to us!....

 Anyways my super creative and cute friends Lacy and Lindsay planned such a fun "Galentines Party" for the kids that Recker was lucky enough to crash and spend the day with a group of all his favorite doll faces (Scout, Olive, Georgia, Ivy, Lola, June, and Evra). They made valentines and treats for their dads, played on the trampoline and in yard, exchanged valentines with each other and ate yummy snacks and treats! It was such a blast thanks ladies for everything!! 

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