Be Grateful.

I haven't posted much about this pregnancy or our new babe thats due any day now. For those of you know who me well, are familiar with my pregnancies and how "they go." I stay seriously sick throughout my entire pregnancies, nauseous and vomiting all day, EVERY DAY. End up in the hospital a couple times with dehydration etc...When i was pregnant with Recker i was literally miserable the entire time, and everyone knew it because i was very vocal about my misery. I was not fun to be around. Who wants to be around someone who complains constantly? So when jeremy and i were talking about having another baby, i understandably was nervous my pregnancy would be the same as it was with recker. Sick all 41.5 weeks, 42 hours of labor and 4+ hours of pushing that baby, etc...was i really ready for all of that again? One day it just hit me. I should be so grateful. I should be grateful that i get to experience all of those "miserable" things.

 I wondered how many women out who are unable to get pregnant or have a baby of their own would give/do anything to feel the misery i went through. How selfish of me to sit and complain to anyone within earshot, and on social media about anything having to do with pregnancy? So Selfish. So when i found out i was pregnant this second time, i promised myself that no matter how hard it got, i would try my absolute hardest to BE GRATEFUL. To be POSITIVE. To remember all those women out there who don't get to experience pregnancy, and how LUCKY i am. Well like we expected this pregnancy has been bad, worse than the first (with Recks), but in the most odd way it has been so beautiful and the best experience I've ever had. I totally believe that my first pregnancy was so miserable because of how much i complained and how negative i was about being sick. This pregnancy has been worse x10 physically, but emotionally its been healing and eye opening to the power of positivity and gratitude. I want to shake all of those women out there who dwell on all the negativities of pregnancy, those women who get on social media and hashtag things like "preggoprobs" or constantly complain. I want to shake them and make them realize how grateful they should be. Again those who know me well, know how "hard" (physically) my pregnancies are, but something changed this time. Those who know me would say I'm INSANE when i say, "I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!" I do. This pregnancy has changed me in so many ways. It has changed my attitude towards life in general. I have been trying to avoid negative thoughts and comments, and those who bring negativity into my life. I obviously am only human and i promise i realize not everything in life is perfect and happy all the time.

But I am trying. I am trying to be better. To be positive. To be Happy. To be Grateful.

Here are a few prints i made to put up around the house as a little reminder...


  1. I'm glad that you are having a good emotional pregnancy despite the physical trials that come with it ! Miss you in the ward, glad things are going well for you!

    Amy Brown

  2. I love your prints! Especially the 1st one. I am glad you were able to change your mindset. I remember when I was a negative person and it is physically draining to be in that mood and worse for others to listen do. My parents are negative and it's very hard to be around them sometimes. When it is yourself you get almost stuck in that mindset and it's liberating when you let it go.

  3. Love these prints! Where can I buy one? ;)

  4. So I am currently having a miserable pregnancy day and crying my eyes out, when I suddenly remembered that you posted in your blog about pregnancy and I knew you had rough pregnancy so it might make me feel. It helped a lot, so thank you. I'm still crying and wishing things were better but I think tmrw will be. So thank you.