Enchanted Island...

Recker has had so much fun getting together with friends (Dylan, Scout, and Olive) and going to the Zoo and Encanto Park's Enchanted Island. We had a BLAST! I might have more fun than him, but whats new? But I must say he did soooo well at both, little to NO meltdowns (maybe a little one when i pulled him away from the splash pad at the zoo) but i am so proud! We love the zoo, and Recker loves to ride the camels and i give in every time because he is soooo calm and relaxed afterwards, SOOOOO WORTH IT! Enchanted Island was everything that it would seem, $3 for unlimited rides and splash pad! We did the teacups, train ride and rode the FASTEST carousel I've ever been on. When he started that bad boy up lindsay and i both had to grab onto a pole because we would have flown off that thing. His favorite was the Splash Pad! He played for a good 15 minutes and then he just shut down. I looked up and he was standing in the middle with his eyes glued tightly shut and his hands over his ears squeezing harder than I've ever seen. This is not a new thing, but it is definitely becoming more frequent, and brought on easier than ever before. It was just so overstimulating, the sound of the mini rollarcoaster next to the splash pad, all the different water holes popping up and all the kids screaming and running around. It was just too much for him to handle, so he just absolutely shut down. I called his name and he wouldn't respond. I got up and walked over to see if he would look at me, he wouldn't even open his eyes to see who was touching him. So i picked him up soaking wet and had him come sit on my lap, hoping he would relax. It was the longest and worst he has had yet. We decided to go grab dinner at 5 guys afterwards and made it home just in time to put the tired kids to bed....it was a PERFECT day! I am so grateful for such amazing friends that are understanding and patient with Recker and try to understand his Autism and actually ask questions.....THANK YOU Lacy, Lindsay and Ashley!!

[Phoenix Zoo]

[Enchanted Park]
[As Lindsay put it, This was just a delayed response to what
had just happened in the parking lot 5 minutes earlier]
(This was the best we could get while driving and the kids 
screaming in the back seat for more bugles)

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  1. what happens in a parking lot can sometimes be upsetting but often needs to happen.