World Autism Awareness Day!

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We are selling these light bulbs to raise money for Team Recker for the
Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism walk this year.

By participating in this event, you are helping to change the future for all who struggle with autism, you're helping us get one step closer to finding what causes autism, how to prevent and treat it, and ultimately a cure so no family ever hears those words again. Until then, we walk to find answers and raise awareness about the devastating toll that autism has had on families like ours.

Recker needs you to help make tomorrow be about little league, school lunches and first words rather than therapy, doctor appointments and despair. Together, we will find the missing pieces.

 Please contact me via email (kaylaroussel@gmail.com) or phone (602) 460-7302 to purchase one!!


Friday March 1, 2012

So on Friday's jeremy and i watch this show on ABC called "What would you do?" it secretly sets people up in situations where they can stand up for whats right and help someone out or they can walk away and not do anything. So EVERYTIME i watch this show i end up in tears (not really a surprise, its not hard to put me in tears ask my sisters). I can't help but get emotional about others sticking up and helping someone, doing a good deed and just going out of their way to say or do something nice for someone selflessly. I felt the same way when i recently saw a slideshow about World Autism Awareness Day. Maybe because i was (and like to think i still am) young and never watched the news or never was personally affected by autism, i had never heard of the LIGHT IT UP BLUE day. But as i watched this slideshow it brought me to tears, it is a day dedicated to spreading information about Autism and how prevalent it is and honestly could easily affect anyone, Autism doesn't discriminate. I thought i'd share some photos and videos sharing what it is all about! A month from TODAY is World Autism Awareness Day (by Autism Speaks), April 2! 

These are such a few of the buildings world wide that supported Autism Awareness Day/Month!

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