Bad Girls....

This past weekend was the first of many to come Williams Girls trips! Mom, Kaitlyn, Chloe and I (hales we missed you) drove down to L.A. to shop and get stuff for Blake & Chloe's wedding in May. We absolutely love Chloe and I am so excited to have her join our family! Anyways this trip was seriously a constant laugh sesh! All we did was laugh and walk and shop and EAT! Here is our trip via instagram & videos!

[We all decided we're OBSESSED with
Glendale, Ca. Absolutely Stunning]

[Santee St./"The Alley"]

[oh you know, just a bong mask, nbd]

[We decided to live it up and keep it classy with
Steve at Glendale Motel]

[So excited for Madewell to come to AZ!!]

[Downtown Glendale was incredible, 
shopping galore, food and it was just beautiful]

[Have you met Kaitlyn? Enough said. She is 
PURE amazing! I completely LOVE her and
her ability to make ANYONE laugh and 
her talent to make random friends]

[i didn't bring enough money for all the
Fabric that i wanted. My imagination
was going CRAZYYY in those shops!]

[opened the car door and my hair fleeeeew out! To 
say the drive home was windy is an 
[Home Sweet Home]

Thanks Mom for making this happen!! You're the BEST!!

ps watch this...

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  1. Looks like a fun trip. I love Cali, though I have not spent any time in Glendale - it looks great.