Our lives lately according to Instagram and our phones...
[WARNING: this will probably be the longest post you've ever seen]

[We've been trying very hard to make nursery work, 
i usually end up with him half the time]

[Dont you love the forced pictures?]

[Gettin some lovin from his Grandma BonBon]

[Two of his favorite things, popcorn and Grandad]

[We've been spending a lot of time playing these days,
especially hanging out in his Toy Story tent] 

 [He was the happiest kid alive on his birthday, 
we celebrated by doing all things Recker loves]

[Making a Birthday Wish over his gluten free spinatos pizza]

[Loving having Uncle Blake home from his mission]

 [Finally a castle to rule from]

[Riding hard on his new motorcycle]

[We've been playing with these guys and loving it]

[They finally opened up a Canes here in AZ! Ive
been waiting for YEARS, since i moved back from
Louisiana to eat this again, i LOVE IT!

[we decided last minute to go Mexico with blake, chloe, and my
mom for New Years]

[fish market[


[the always lovely chloe and blake]


[Recker's new obsession...the trampoline my parents got for christmas]

[with this GFCF diet we've always got this stuff on hand,
and it makes for some amazing breakfasts]

[he is really getting sick of all of our phones in his face all the time]

[Target, our home away from home
never without coke and popcorn]

 [Zoo with friends...Im such a sucker for recker,
AKA he's spoiled and wanted a camel ride]
[we've been working on modesty, but he is all about
showing off his goods]

[Represent! Go Bulldogs!]

[Aunt Kaitlyn LOOOOVES to spoil him]] 

[First time eating Gelato...he ate two cones and cried when he 
was finished he looooves this stuff]
ps its GFCF

[Recker has moved on from his Buzz Lightyear book and
unfortunately is OBSESSED with this book and 
wants to bring it everywhere.]

[Zupas & Last Chance, i'd say it was a productive day]


  1. Now wait... where is the 'love' button.... this isn't Fb...they have 'like'.... you need a 'love' button on here. Figure it out. oxoxxo

  2. he is the CUTEST boy, kayla! love photos of him and monya made me a little tearing. love love love.

  3. We love seeing all the pictures and being able see what you are up to. Can't wait to see you in May!

  4. Busy Busy! Nixon loves that book too!

  5. He seriously is the cutest little guy! I love all the photos!

  6. I'm obsessed with the pic of him on his motorcycle. He is such a man!