Blake finally came home!!!! We've been missing him like crazy and counting down the days (literally) for him to get home, especially considering he has never met Recker. It was amazing to see him and it has been soooooo great to have him home, for good! 

(Blakes first place he wanted to go was LoLo's -
fried chicken & waffles Recker loved that Red Drank)

We also attended the Autism Speaks Walk for Autism last sunday, we had a TON of people show up to support TEAM RECKER! First and foremost i want to thank everyone who came down and supported Recker, Jeremy and I. We have the most amazing family and friends, and things like this really show you who your true ones are, so thank you guys and we love you so much! The walk itself was short, (well we opted for the short route, hey we had kids in tow) but we stayed for hours getting free information and talking to so many support groups and therapy centers. I can't leave out the amazing donations that SPROUTS had, we took home hundreds of dollars of GFCF food (which isn't saying too much considering how expensive it is to begin with) but it was incredible! Recker is set up with enough snacks to last him the rest of the year.

And then of course there was halloween....
Recker was a Lumberjack and pretty freaking cute one if i do say so myself!
We only trick or treated at grandparents houses this year...maybe we
will go around the neighborhood next year. 

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  1. I'm playing catch up on your blog...and just seeing Recker's Halloween costume. He looks so adorable!!