Summer So Far...

So this is a little past due, but here is a billion pictures of our Summer so far! We are going to mexico again in the morning until next week, and then im going again for a LADIES ONLY trip the weekend of the 15th, im sooo excited!!


(Recker and Jeremy playing in the sand)

(recker LOOOVES the beach, ocean and the pool!)

(he looves playing with aunt kaitlyn and in her dresses)

(recker also had a few mean muggin and too cool moments..
like with his little lady Olive at her 1st birthday party,
and in the photo above...its impossible to catch him in a good picture)

(some terrible hair days, which eventually led to his haircut)

we've been snacking A LOT this summer....

(nutella on EVERYTHING)

(Mangos on the beach)

(some of our favorite drinks...no recker did not drink this)

(recker lives for playing outside!)

(hes has been running around bon bon's house with 
his buzz and woody always in hand)

(he's started this biting thing, NOT SO FUN)

(lots and lots of trips to the store, especially target...
he freaking dupms that popcorn out EVERY time
you'd think i'd learn and stop buying it for him right?)

ANYWAYS...Photo/Recker Overload!
Ive LOVED being off of work, dont get me wrong i love my job (well...) 
and the people i work with especially, it is just sooo nice to 
be able to spend all day everyday with this little guy!

Ive decided to go to work part time in the fall so i can be 
there with recker for all of his therapies during the week.

(which are going well by the way, he currently has spech therapy,
 occupational therapy, and DSI therapy EVERY WEEK) 
We will be adding 25 more hours of therapy a week soon!

We are getting all ready for YALE! 
We leave the 24th and are at YALE until the 26th.
After that we are going to take a train to NY and spend the rest of the week there!!!
We are so excited, to say the last!


  1. can't wait for our Yale/New York Trip---I get to sleep with Recker--

  2. Love all the photos of Recker! He definitely is one darling little boy! Hope Yale goes well for you all!

  3. U and ur son are so cute!!! I think u have a beautiful family.