So recker used to wear hats all the time until we went to the swapmeet 
with Skyler and Jess one time and bought a head scratcher...

we thought maybe recker would like it. NOT. 
after trying this contraption on him, he FREAKED OUT if anything
touched his head from then on. my sisters and jeremy thought it was
funny to tease him with their hands and do it and it traumatized him. 
If you even went near his head he wouldnt have it. Jeremy has wanted him 
to wear hats for the longest time but there was NO WAY! 
Anyways jeremy bought Recker a hat and i laughed at him and told
him good luck with that one. Well i guess the guy at Hat Club gave
jeremy a trick to get recker to wear the hat. Put it on him while he is asleep 
so when he wakes up he is wearing it. So we did it while he slept and 
during naps and VOILA! 
(sorry the pics are low quality, they're from my phone)


1 comment:

  1. haha. so cute.

    it is totally worth trickin him, he is such a stud in a hat...


    wow. you are one lucky lady!