Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

So this is going to be a long post...

Ok so first of all last sunday i got a HUGE suprise from Skyler and Jessica (my inlaws) they brought me something that i have been missing for years....when i was pregnant i almost, seriously you guys, drove to vegas (thats the closest place) to get this....its Raising Canes!!

So most of you know i lived in Louisiana for over a year and a half...anyways there were two places that became my favorite that you could ONLY get in Louisiana and one of them is Raising Canes Chicken (the other is Steam Boat Bills for crawfish and cajun food). I wont go on about how much i love it or else i wont be able to stop (my mouth is watering right now) anyways the resturant originated at LSU by a guy who his teacher told him that businness of only serving chicken (kind of like chick fil a but soooo 100x better) would work. Well he proved him wrong and now they are everywhere but HERE!!

Well on sunday jessica and skyler brought it back from vegas for me and i was the happiest girl in the world!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!
Continuing on with my Louisiana theme....

Mardi Gras was this week and
Everyone celebrates Mardi Gras differently 
there are those in New Orleans who party like this

then there are some who celebrate like THIS!!!

Well yesterday was Fat Tuesday meaning mardi gras!! I was sooo sad not to be in Louisiana. I miss it sooooo much sometimes. The green EVERYWHERE, the AMAZING food, the people are incredible and my friends and family. I met some of the best friends ever there

I was there during hurricane katrina and hurricane rita...

Anyways here are some friends from louisiana...
(Michelle aka Sug or Sugar)




I spent 2 birthdays there my 18th and 19th....

from the left: Sugar, Caleb, Hillary, Luke, Johnny (my cousin!)

(sug and ben)

I crashed and totaled my car while living there...

my aunt & uncle had the best dog EVER, her name is shelby (from steel magnolias) and she could FLY seriously look....

well jeremy and i went back to visit for spring break of 09' and i had sooo much fun showing jeremy around my second home. he LOVED it. we took him to New Orleans and to eat my favorite Raising Canes and STeamboat Bills....
(incase youre wondering...those are CRAWFISH on our fingers!)
Awwwh my mouth is watering just looking at this, i am dying for some steamboat bills crawfish and pistolettes and fries! Cajun food is the best food EVER!! Shrimp Etouffe, Chicken and sausage gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice awwwh all of it is just incredible. i wish we could get it here somewhere.

anyways you can see our trip to louisiana

Where i blogged about it in march 2009! 

i loved my time in louisiana and i'll NEVER forget it! i cant thank my aunt and uncle enough for letting me stay with them and for everything!!


  1. i love seeing these pictures.

    i remember you telling about louisiana, you had such great memories. it made me want to go with you.


  2. You do not know me, but I follow your mom's blog, and I wanted you to know they are building a Raising Cane's Chicken in Phoenix in August.

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  4. Angie- I miss you too girl!!

    Kassie- you seriously just made my day...i just looked it up, we're getting TWO Canes!! I am sooo excited! THANK YOU for the info!!

  5. You are so welcome! :) I hope you have a wonderful day.