Luck Be a Lady...

Ok i know im biased but i have the best husband in the world...He definitely wins the Husband of the year award!! He has fridays off so he drove me to work and when he picked me up he surprised me with a present. Jeremy knows how stressed ive been lately and he's always telling me to relax but its really hard to let myself. Soooo he gave me the perfect present to help me relax....

+Sudoku (my fav)
+Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits 
(Luck be a lady? get it? eh eh?)
+Mani & Pedi

The best kind of presents are the ones that are not expected and are completely random! 
It was just what i needed!!


  1. I love that Jeremy did that for you, how sweet he is, now you need to do something nice for him. xoxo

  2. i am soo jealous of you.

    first of all your husband rocks.

    second. REFLEXOLOGY?? ah, i would give anything to go with you to see that lady in utah again.

    remember how cool that experience was. WOW!

    hope you are doing good.

    i don't know what is stressing you out, but just know that you are loved by SO many people.

    and that everythign happens for a reason.

    something i keep telling myself with the craziness of my life gonig on.

    LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Oh Kayla what a sweet husband you have!

  4. ANGIE- I totally remember Geri and wish all the time i could go see her!! ive tried to email her a few times bc i was going to be in utah and wanted to go see her and never heard back from her :(

    ps we need to talk sooooon!!