It has been months since ive posted anything and the idea of catching up on everything is overwhelming so im just going to post our cruise we went on at the end of sept to begining of october for a week! We went to: Miami, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. IT was a blast, my family is all about cruises and go every year but this year we had spouses and a baby! Anyways here are a TON of pictures!!

 Recker and Bon Bon taking a nap up on top of the ship

Recker all dressed up for dinner.

My amazing parents Monya and Eric!! 

The best sisters ever and did i mention beautiful! 

Anyone who knows my dad knows what is going on in this picture....Yes he is bartering with ALL of the cab drivers in Belize. 

Tia Bear!

View from the top of the Ruins in belize.

Recker petting an alligator...does it make me a bad mom that i was totally encouraging recker to hold this monster? hahaha

Love him haha dad is always wanting his picture taken especially with the locals. 

Jeremy and Recker in the ocean in Cozumel.

Of course we would meet random people and become friends with them!

Recker hanging out in his jammies during one of the night performances.

Did i mention that the night performance was Kaitlyn and Brian doing LIVE versions in FULL COSTUME? Kaitlyn put on a live performance of "HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME" by the one and only brittany spears and Brian sang "FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES" by Garth Brooks. This was full on singing on their own with back up dancers, no lip syncing or anything hahahaha it was AMAZING!!! They were Mortified but we LOVED it!! 

Recker pretty mad he didn't get to go to bed at his regular bed time!


  1. 1. Kaitlyn is my hero.
    2. Your dad is amazing.
    3. Recker is SO cute.
    4. I MISS YOU!

  2. yeah, you are seriously behind so pick it up mama. your cruise looks so fun. lets go on a cruise but lets leave our babies (and maybe husbands too) at home and PARTY.

  3. seriously? when will you post recker's birthday?