We've been lucky enough to travel this summer and go on fun trips!! We have had something going on every weekend this summer it seems like!! Heres an update of a couple trips we took...

We went with my parents and sister haleigh down to mexico for the fourth of july this year. We had such a blast, as we always do in mexico & with family. We were lucky enough to have the halcombs there too! We loooove the halcombs they are some of our favorite people ever...cant get enough of them! He is such a daddy's boy, he hung out with jeremy all day and went on adventures with him in the mornings. We love mexico and can not wait to go back down!!


Recker took a ride on the cooler with Bon Bon!

Played in the ocean & sand!!

Played volleyball and soccer with the halcombs!

Took way too many naps!!

Walked around down at the fish market and bought fun stuff!

Sat around looking irresistibly cute!

Played with the halcombs some of our favorite people ever, and ate DELICIOUS food!!!

Now onto our CAMPING trip!!
So last year we went camping with some of jeremy's siblings and we had the  best time EVERR! Soooo we decided to make it an annual thing we do. We've been sooo excited planning this trip the past couple months and we finally got to go last weekend! We went up north between alpine and springerville! (quick little side note: we stopped in payson and i over heard a mom and daughter talking about how they were getting heat rash because it was "SOOOOOO HOT OUTSIDE!" i about DIED! we had just come from 110 degree heat to beautiful 79 degree payson where we thought we were in heaven, people are crazy and have NO clue what HEAT is until they've lived in the valley for a summer!) Anyways we drove up on thursday morning set up camp! The pena's were already there and ready to play! We had the best weekend ever! Waaay too many funny things happened to even begin to list, but lets just say it was an epic camping trip and one we will NEVER forget, from a bull growling outside our tents one night to alan break dancing in a pile of ants!! I can not wait until next year!!!

Recker did amazing the drive there and back he slept the entire time!!

We pulled up to this little beauty...How lucky were we to get to spend our weekend here!!

My sweet nephews Wesley and Alan eating breakfast...yummy homemade biscuits and jam!

Here is a picture of jeremy trying to give me a heart attack!!!

My two beautiful nieces Madison and Ashley!! I looove them soo much they crack me up constantly when im with them! Love it when they come up thinking they are being sneaky and say they have to tell me a secret and then whisper "I love you!" haha they are amazing!!! 

Recker and daddy cuddling with each other before breakfast! Recker is definitely not a morning person....like his mama!!

Ashley wanted to come into my tent and hang out with me so i told her to take her shoes and socks off, little did i know, they were cleaner than her feet! hahaha good thing we were camping and not at home!!

Jessica snapped a quick picture of all three of us, its so rare to catch one of these. See how please i look to be in it? haha NOT!

Recker loooved going on hikes with us and being carried by jeremy!

Crashley! Obviously she gets her nickname from being a little accident prone! While we were camping, she fell in the creek, cut her finger open while prying apart an aluminum pop can, fell on her rear or almost face first i cant even count how many times and fell in the fire...just to list a few hahaha we love her though soooo much! i mean look at her, how can you resist!! 

This is Grandpa Charly aka the baby whisperer as i like to call him!! He is my nieces and nephews grandpa on their other side. He came with us, and he was reckers absolute favorite person ever!! The instant granpa charly picked recker up, he would stop fussing/crying and was completely calm and would lay his head down on his shoulder and cuddle. Grandpa Charly was a lifesaver and seriously recker couldnt keep his eyes off of him it was incredible! wherever grandpa charly was, recker wanted to be!! 

Just couldnt resist those blue eyes and pouty lip! 

Wow that was such a long post, but i had to catch up!! 

ps Thank you chad and aubrey, we cant wait for next year!! 


  1. Kayla- love your new pics! looks like you had a great summer you seem like such a great Mom, I really love that about you:) And your Recker is soooo stinkin' cute!!!!

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun this summer! I think Recker gets cuter every day! I love seeing all your updates.

  3. camping was the bommmb. we already started planning the "whats what" list of food for next year. YUM!

  4. SOO CUTE!! Recker is seriously adorable Kayla! :) He gets cuter and cuter every time I see pictures of him..and his EYES are to die for!!

    I had a good laugh about the summer heat here...I agree 100%!! Its crazy how people think 80's is death weather!HAA

  5. oh I love it!! SSoooo sweet! You have an adorable family!

  6. i know.

    i know.

    i already commented...

    but i came back to read your post, again


    just have to tell you RECKER is by far the most stinkin cutest kid in all of the land!!!!