So after coming home over a week ago to a flooded house, we ripped out our carpet in all 3 bedrooms and replaced it. It feels like a new home its awesome!! We are slowly putting everything back where it should be, we had everything in our living room (see pic below haha). Anyways lifes getting back to normal in that aspect, in another...we are getting ready for reckers EEG on wednesday. So after being told by every pediatric neurologist in arizona that we couldnt get recker in until september, i finally argued my way into Carden's Children's Hospital haha. I called cardens 3 times and finally got ahold of the head nurse of pediatric neurology and she told me no chance until september and desperately i started telling her how old recker is and how he's just a baby and these seizures are a new onset that completely changed things. The nurse said Recker needed to get in ASAP and she said she would sneak me in. She told me everything i needed to do in order to get into see a doctor. First, i needed to get an order for an EEG from his pediatrician. Once we got that we had to wait for the LOVELY insurance company to approve it and finally we are able to get into Carden's Pediatric Hospital on wednesday at 7:15am. They said he has to come sleepy and hungry. We will see a neurologist after we get his results from the EEG. Ill keep everyone updated!

{everything from all 3 bedrooms moved into our living room}

{seriously would go all day without clothes if i let him....if he is anything like his uncle blake or his mom im going to be in a whole lot of trouble when he gets a little bit older. We used to strip down at the mall, front yard, anywhere!}

{sitting with daddy while we play dice in bed haha}

{im the luckiest lady to wake up to this little man every morning}

p.s. sorry the photos are such crappy quality, they are from my phone!


  1. yes. updates. please!
    i am worried about your little man.

    p.s. you photos are fantastic.

  2. recker keeps getting cuter everytime i see him!

  3. FYI.