We went to mexico last week with my parents, kaitlyn & brian and we had such a blast! Recker LOOOVED mexico just like we figured (he does have williams blood in him after all) haha. We ate, swam, soaked up the sun and then ate some more. We can't wait till we can go back with all our friends and their babies too!

{we forgot his hat when we were down at the fish market and didnt want his head to get burned so we bought him a bandana and let him be a pirate for the day}

{first taste of mango, really didnt like it but wouldnt put it down haha}

{making everyone laugh out on the grass below the condo}


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  2. your trip looks so fun.

    ah mexico def would one up alaska right now.

    your family is to die for.

    oooo oooo and i LOvE reckers mango face!

  3. Oh my gosh he is amazing. That first picture KILLS me. We love Recker!

  4. Reckers such a cutie!! cant enough pictures of him!

  5. Mexico is always a good time, love the cute pics!

  6. He is so precious, I love his cute smile! So glad that you had fun in Mexico! :)