Bubba Boo

Dear Recker,
You are now 3 months old and growing soooo fast, you now weigh 15lbs and are about 26 inches of pure boy! We are absolutely in love with everything about you. Just some things you love and learned in the past month...

-You pull yourself up to stand on your feet using your strong biceps and super strong thunder thighs!
-Because you want to be standing CONSTANTLY you love to play in your baby einstein play center, where you have learned to push buttons, roll the rattles and turn in circles. 
-You roll over so good and love naked tummy time after your bath.
-You started to blow spit bubbles and drool like CRAZZZY!
-You jabber/coo to us all day long and love to copy us and stick your tongue out at us.
-You sit in your high chair so good while we all eat dinner at the table.
-You started reaching for and grabbing your toys from us and next to you!
-You can roll from belly to back and from back to belly!!
-You laugh so hard at yourself in the mirror.
-You love any kind of noise we make out of our mouths especially fake coughing.
-You definitely recognize mama and daddy and follow us with your eyes when we walk away from you.
-You sleep the whole night through and only wake up for a diaper change then fall right asleep.
-You started to make a "POOP FACE" whenever you are pooing and its seriously sooo funny!! and put people to tears from laughing so hard when they see your poop face.
-And our absolute FAVORITE you started belly laughing, we die laughing so hard when you bust out in uncontrollable giggles. 

We are so excited to see what this next month brings and what new things you will learn and show us. We love you baby boy!

Love Mama and Daddy!


  1. oh my goshhhh! I love him so much! I'm such a proud aunt! haha

  2. i haven't even met him and i miss him.

  3. Hes gonna have such a contagious laugh just like his daddy!!

  4. That first picture KILLS me! I love that boy.

  5. Hes sooo cute!!!
    I love the video, very cute and all the pictures in this post of him are adorable :)
    It was good seeing you Recker at the Whites the other day, First time seeing him and hes just as cute in person as he is in the pictures!

  6. He is so precious! I can see so much of you in him!!! SO fun! :)