Haleigh Yvonne Williams

So last night me bear (haleigh) and my mom were in mom's bedroom talking about blogs and bear said she never reads my moms blog. So she said if we blogged about her she would get on and read, she gave me a VERY specific list of things she wanted to me say about her, which will be included as well as "MORE THINGS TOO" as she said. We were laughing so hard last night about this i guess you had to be there. So this is in attempt to get her to read our blogs....

Humm where to begin? JUST A FEW WORDS TO EXPLAIN BEAR...

This year haleigh became an Aunt she goes by (Tia Bear). She was there with me in the delivery room when he was born. She helped me throughout the labor/delivery and was able to see him be born. She loves him so much and is such an amazing aunt! I know recker loves her so much and always will. He is spoiled with love and attention from his aunts daily!

When i met jeremy, my sisters werent the biggest fan...to be honest they've never really liked anyone ive ever dated. I remember one time i was dating this real jerk and he made me cry in front of her and she went crazy on him haha. But she came around with jeremy and has become such a sweet sister in law to jeremy. He loves her like his own sister and would do anything for her! and i know brian would too!


Haleigh has been dancing since she was like 3 and she is INCREDIBLE to say the least! Ive been going to concerts/recitals for years and they never get old, i love to watch her dance. She is so talented when it comes to not only dance but so many other things.

Since bear was young in elementary school she has always had a special place in her heart for those less fortunate and especially with disabilities. She has always been such a understanding and compassionate person, Ive always looked up to her so much for that.


Hales has always been one of the most loving people i know. Not only loving but forgiving. When i moved to louisiana i know she was so mad at me for leaving her. But when i moved home she shared her room with me and despite my snoring we had the best time together. We watched all the seasons of the office and set a goal together to write in our journals. She also has such faith in those she loves, she believes in us and we can all feel it. 

Haleigh has ALWAYS been such a great friend and sooo LOYAL! She will stick by your side and be there for you whenever you need. She is one of my best friends and always will be. She is such an example to not only me but everyone around her who knows and loves her. Whether youve made a mistake or just done something she dosent agree with, she will always be there for you to help and love you.

She has been by far the best child to my parents. She is so obedient and loves to please our mom and dad. She is so loving and being the only child left at home gets to spend so much time with our parents and become so close to them. I hope one day that i am lucky enough to have a daughter like hales.

Bear is the youngest of us 4 kids and i think we all look up to HER. I love my sisters so much, they are completely different in every way but thats what i love about them. Haleigh is all the things ive listed above and SOOO much more. I am so lucky to be best friends with my sisters, we are so close and i wouldnt trade that for the world.

p.s. this doesnt mean we're bringing you to the D.R., we still need someone to stay home and clean.


  1. first: i love her!
    second: did i see you giving a dang sexy dragon in one of the pictures... yes! it is good to see you let out your inner dragon!

  2. bahahah those pictures are sooooo old!!! love her too!!

  3. hahaha thanks kayla i love you!
    - hales

  4. Hales: you are such a diva princess....ask Drew....no he cannot buy you the dress you want for PROM.
    Dad and I love you

  5. wait this is precious! sisterly love is the best.

  6. Hey! i watched it on NetFlix. Def eye opening!!

  7. I found a book you might like. The China Study

  8. I had fashion class with her last semester. Haleigh is such a sweet girl! :)

  9. KAYLA!!!! You read my mind!!! i was driving down greenfield the yesterday and i saw the banners in the front of the school and i was trying to drive and remember the website. then when i tried to website i thought i saw it didnt work. thanks for posting a comment with the website. I'm interested. i'll look into the website tonight! thanks again!