This tuesday jeremy and i arrived home around 11pm to find the door to our home kicked in and our house had been robbed and completely trashed. They ransacked the house, our bedroom was the worst...they ripped out every drawer of our dresser and night stands and dumped them, they tore the clothes from our closet and tossed them on the floor, moved our mattress, lets just say that the place is a complete disaster, everything we own is pretty much on the floor. I cant begin to explain how violated we feel, i just cant get the image of men going through our bedroom, recker's bedroom and going through our things. They took so much from us, we are still finding things that are missing...

We are sure there are other things still missing, as we clean up the mess (which will take days) we keep finding more. We are putting in an alarm system and adding security doors so we can actually feel safe in our home again.


  1. I hate that this happened to you guys! Im so sorry, if you need help I'm only one call away!

  2. this happened to my family a while back, its terrible because you feel so violated! i'm sorry!

  3. Seriously what is wrong with people.... I am so sorry! Im glad you are getting a security system and door and stuff! I hope things start to get back into order soon- let me know if there is anything i can do

  4. Hey Kayla,
    I know you do not know me at all but I would love to help you. I could offer you a fabulous discount on ADT security. Shoot me an email and we can talk kassie.rae@hotmail.com If there is anything else I can help with please let me know.


  5. That is horrible! I am so sorry to hear this happened. =(

  6. OMG, that is horrrrible!!! I am soooo sorry, thats sooo scary to me.. I always think if that was to happen to me cuz my parents neighborhood gets robbed somewhat often in different parts of the season.. Were in the mist of searching for a new home to buy once im married and alarm systems have been a big plus in many of them, you never know if youll be the house they target. So sorry guys :(

  7. KAYLA! that is awful! i can't believe there are people in this world like that.

  8. wow, I am so sorry for you guys! This happened to us the day before I was scheduled to have an unplanned c-section. I came home from the utra-sound and found our home ransacked. It was horrible. They guys were actually caught, we got a few things back, but all my jewelry, including wedding rings and promise ring (which were too small for my swollen fingers) were never returned.

    so sad for you, get the alarm system or a dog...you will sleep better.