So this past monday i went in for my weekly OB check up and was told that i tested positive for GBS (Group B Streptococcus). I was speechless and just stared at my doctor. I was not expecting those results so i wasn't prepared with my usual list of questions. I just asked "So what does that mean? What do we do?" He explained that intravenous antibiotics are generally recommended at the time of labor (before delivery) so that it is not spread to our little boy. If not treated with antibiotics the fatality rate of the baby is 1 in 100 and WITH antibiotics it is 1 in 1000. He said that GBS is pretty "COMMON" like 20-30%, 1 in 4 women have GBS. Doesn't sound very "COMMON" to me! He did not seemed worried at all, but my anxiety levels shot through the roof to say the least. So any of you who know me can guess what i did when i got home...i got online and googled GBS. That was prob not the best idea. All you read online are horror stories and that is definitely NOT what i wanted or needed to read about. I just wanted to know more about it and how it could affect me and our baby. This is what ive learned....

What is group B streptococcus (not to be confused w/group A strep aka strep throat)? Group B streptococcus (group B strep) is a bacterium that causes life-threatening infections in newborn infants. Group B strep can also cause serious diseases in pregnant women, the elderly, and adults with other illnesses. The letter "B" refers to a classification of bacteria in the genus Streptococcus according to the makeup of the organism's cell wall.

What complications can result from group B strep infection? Group B strep infection is fatal in about 30% of infected men and non-pregnant women and about 5% to 15% of infected newborns. Babies who survive can be left with speech, hearing, and vision problems as well as mental retardation. Gbs is the most common cause of sepsis (blood infection) and meningitis (infection of the fluid and lining surrounding the bran) in newborns. GBS is a frequent cause of newborn pneumonia and is common that other, better known, newborn problems such as rubella, congentitial syphilis, hearing & vision loss, mental retardation and spina bifida. In pregnant women, GBS can cause bladder infections, womb infections, and stillbirth.

How is GBS diesese diagnosed and treated? GBS disease is diagnosed when the bacterium is grown from cultures of sterile body fluids, such as blood or spinal fluid. Cultures take a few days to complete. GBS infections in both newborns and adults are usually treated with antibiotics (e.g., penicillin or ampicillin) given through a vein.

I know that as "COMMON" as it is as my doctor put it, it is still scary and makes me nervous. I have been having a really hard time dealing with this as trivial it may seem to all of you who have given birth numerous times and probably think im over reacting and being dramatic, but to me its the unknown all the possibilities and chances. I know its not healthy to worry and be scared about it, thats why ive had to put all my trust in the lord to strengthen me and to have faith that everything will work out as it is meant to. I appreciate all of my family who has put up with me and me being pregnant. I KNOW it hasnt been easy for you guys to listen to all my complaining about being sick all the time. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who despite my pregnant cranky self loves me and continues to show me daily how much i mean to him. He has been a life saver these past 9 months, he has taken on a lot and i know he'll never know how much it means to me. All the litrle things he does for me on those really hard days like the dishes, laundry, picking up around the house and grocery shopping. Not to mention the numerous times ive woken up to flowers next to the bed or my favorite treat waiting for me when im feeling better. I am so lucky to have found my eternal companion and such a hard working, loving man who strives to be a better person and continues to suprise and amaze me. He is going to be the best dad to our little boy and future children. I know he's nervous and so am i but together and with the help of the lord we are going to be just fine! I love you Jeremy Jay Roussel!! 

ps only 17 more days!! we cant wait to meet you baby roussel!!


  1. I'm sorry about the scary check-up. I love you and hope all goes well. I can't wait for you to have the little guy!

  2. It really is pretty common. You'll be fine, you'll just get hooked up to antibiotics. No worries, just make sure your doctor is fine with you dragging your IV around the halls with you. Can't wait to meet baby Roussel.

  3. you still get to make full use of the birthing bath tub, right? If you get bored or lonely, please call me: I love a Jacuzzi tub party! Seriously though we are so excited to meet this unnamed son you don't even know. We will keep you in our prayers that everything goes awesome.

  4. hey! i had group b with my first baby, but i didnt have it with my second! its so so common and as long as you have antibiotics everything will be fine! and you'll get to stay an extra day in the hospital, which you should totally take advantage of because when you get home there is no nursery and no nurse to wait on you 24/7, and did i mention the free movie channel? haha i love my hospital stays! i cant wait for my stay in may woohoo! anyways, im sure everything will go well! dont be nervous, because reguardless of what happens with your labor/delivery your baby is going to be born and you're going to be a mama! :-D im excited to see pics!

  5. Im with Amanda on this on( well not as far as having it) but on the take advantage of the hospital and you will be fine part. Girl- you have SO much support. And medical technology these days is amazing! Once they give you antbiotics you will be good to go. Then you will have a beautful baby in your arms and be the happiest mom alive, PROMISE!!! You have a mom that has been waiting 9 months to meet this little guy... and SPOIL is so stop stressin GIRL!!!!! Cant wait to see pics- You will do great

  6. Kayla, I know you are worried about this, but really Dr Lepetich is up on everything you and Recker will be just fine. I can't wait, we are getting really anxious over here.
    grandmabonbon and grandad eric