Long Awaited...

So here are some of the ultrasound pics from in july that some of you have been asking for...sorry its taken so long but we've just been soooo busy. 


we are sooo excited for our little baby boy and the awaited due date to sneak up on me (like everyone keeps promising it will). I have been one of the VERY LUCKY few who have morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy, not just the first month or two haha. But the only thing that keeps me positive about it is my amazing husband and the fact that it will all be worth it on december 10th when we get to see and hold our baby. We were set on a name for a long time but i am just not a fan of the nicknames that could and WILL come about from it (nicknames are inevitable and the ones from the name we had were NOT very appealing to me) so we are (well i am at least) still thinking about other names. I'd like to wait and see him first before we name him, just so we can get a feel and see what he seems like before we just throw a name on him. Im weird i know, jeremy is dying and just wants to have a name already, and i was the same way until we found out it was a boy and have been having the HARDEST time coming up with boy names. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE PEOPLE!!! we have a few that we are liking right now but nothing for sure. We're getting really excited to get the nursery all put together and ready. We are going to buy our crib this week and the rest of the furniture the wee after....we are ecstatic!! Well im trying to get better at updating my blog more often, we will see how it goes....


  1. Yay Im so excited for you! Only a few more months :) I heard a lot of cool guy names lately livin out here in P-town there are some pretty unique names if you like different names... here are a few that I remember

    - asher
    - alta
    - cade
    - camdyn
    - brawly
    - adair
    - ayer

    hmmmm....ok those are all the ones i can remember at the moment lol...but I think asher is my fav...or maybe its just cause asher is such a cool guy! haha anyways hope it helps! Good luck love you:)

  2. What cute ultrasound pics!

    I think the name thing really depends on whether you want to go trendy or more traditional. I have always liked the name Michael, probably because of my brother and Disney's Peter Pan (that little cartoon kid is just too cute). Jacob is cute and you could call him Jake. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck with the naming!

  3. So cute!! Just two more months... I can't wait to see him!

  4. We have been having the hardest time naming our boy too! We had a girl name picked out that we loved but obviously that won't work. =) Good luck!

  5. yeah its ridiculous!! we cant agree on anything...or we agree then change our mind a week later haha.

  6. something burly and manly for sure. Like Rustin Roussel. Haha. I don't know. Something manly. Something that says I can break a watermelon with my fist you know? Think old western. I hope you got the diapers I awkwardly gave your mother.