For those of you who are sickened by mushy posts, you can go ahead and skip this one. I felt the need to tell everyone how much i love my husband! Things have been really hard and stressful lately and i dont know how i would do it without him. He is stronger than anyone i know (im not just talking about his inhumane strength :] ) but he is my rock. He puts up with me being sick for the past almost 7 months and dosent complain one bit infact does the opposite! I look up to him so much, he is such a hard worker and so dedicated to his family, friends and everything he does. I have no doubt in my mind that jeremy will be the best dad EVER! and im sure anyone who knows jeremy would agree. Day after day i am amazed by him and all that he does. I love you jeremy roussel and here are just a few of my favorite reasons why...

-We always have fresh flowers in the house because whenever you get a chance you bring me home some!
-You always have me laughing with your crazy songs/jingles you make up...& when you dance and make music videos with my sisters!
-Sundays with you are always my favorite days of the week 
-How excited you get when we talk about the baby and getting his nursery all set up!!
-All the cards and notes you write me, "Just Because"
-How unselfish you are, and would do ANYTHING for your family and friends.
-Your strong testimony and knowledge of the gospel and teaching me new things daily.
-Your strength and patience with trials that we face, youre such an example to me.


Heres a couple little journal excerpt from when jeremy and i were dating, they are pretty funny entries!...

"...My family loves Jeremy so much. My dad is like obsessed with him and loves to have him over at our house. My mom loves him and so does both bear and kaitlyn. Blake usually likes all the guys I date (except for matt fergie). Its just driving me crazy because I really like jj but im scared that he is going to ruin it by telling me he loves me or have a lame DTR and I am so not ready for that. I seriously want to take things verrrry slooooow..." 
So we had our DTR (for those of you who have no clue what im talking about, its "THE TALK"...aka the dreaded "Determine The Relationship" talk that is soooo awkward but sometimes necessary haha ours went something like this...

(mind you this took place during half time of the suns game)

 JJ: Um so when are we going to have a DTR?
 Me: Uhh i dont know, whenever you want?
 JJ: I dont want to have one.
 Me: GOOD, me either
 JJ: Ok so how bout this, I like you, You like me. Im yours, and Youre mine. There we  had it.

"....I feel safe, and comfortable, I just feel like im at home. I feel like everything ive gone through and every lesson ive learned from past relationships and trials has led up to this moment in my life, I feel like the final piece to my puzzle (hahah like the puzzle analogy? I know jj would) has finally been set in place. I found him, the one, the only person that has ever made me feel like this before. I do not want to ever even think of myself being with anyone else. I want to marry him and spend eternity with him, I want to have children and raise them together. I want to watch him be the father of our children and love them and be exactly the man ive always wanted. For the very first time in my entire life I have no worries or fears about anything. This is how its supposed to be, this is how I have always pictured it. Everything is falling into place it feels like, and that is how everyone says it is when you get married, its not hard its not something you have to fight for, it is simple and easy and it just happens!!! Tonight at his house he asked me, if he asked me to marry him, what I would say. I told him I would absolutely marry him if he asked me. He just grabbed me and held me and told me how much he loves me. He said not for a few months would he even ask and I said well at least a few months and he said YEAH I KNOW maybe like 6 months and asked if that sounded ok, and i said it was perfect!..."  

well anyone that knows us knows that things didnt go as slow as i'd planned at all, in fact we were engaged and married within 4 months of that journal entry and we havent looked back a day since!

Sorry if this was too personal or ridiculous for you but it wasnt for you or anyone else but jeremy.....Jeremy, I know i tell you over and over daily that i love you, but i just needed to show you again haha that i am absolutely the luckiest woman alive to be able to share my life with you! Cant wait for our little baby boy to come and meet his amazing dad! Thank you for everything that you do for our little family! You are everything to me! 


  1. That was sweet! You two are an adorable couple and I can't wait to see your little baby!

  2. You are so daring to post excerpts from your journal on your blog! I loved them. When Matthew and I had the DTR I told him "I liked him alot" and he said "well im in love with you, but dont freak out it's just one of the things I am feelig right now, like Im tired, my elbow hurts, I love you."

  3. AHHH I love this!! SO sweet and honest :) You and JJ are so cute together! Cant wait til the baby comes:) Love you!

  4. Very cute post Kayla :)
    I like your journal entrys, very cute!

  5. Ok Kayla I officially blog stalk you :) And I totally love this post - it gave me chills! Thanks for sharing

  6. haha yeah i love reading old journal entries and figured that those excerpts were safe enough hahaha there were some really funny ones that i left out haha....anyways thanks for the comments :]

    p.s. Jacque...which jacque is this? haha no offense i just dont know any jacques that have a blog!! just wanted to know so i could follow you!

  7. hi okay i love this post! i love reading things that remind me how i felt while dating and being engaged to taylor :] isnt it amazing how life just falls into place exactly when it is supposed to?! (haha im crying now ps)now i wish i would have kept a journal during our dating and engagement. :/ thanks for sharing this! ps your almost there girl hang in there cuz when you hold that baby boy you will forget the 9 months that you spent puking everyday! :-D being a mother is the best job EVER! haha sorry for the novel.

  8. Hey Kayla! What a sweet post, I loved the journal entries! I can't believe I used to babysit you and your younger sibs. Time sure flies! I'm so excited for you and Jeremy that your little boy will soon join your family. I had to post a comment so that you could get to my blog. It'll be nice to catch up on what you guys have been up to.

    Take care and I hope your mom is okay.

  9. Haha its Jacque Weech! And I don't have a blog...sorry!

  10. haha i was asking jeremy if he had any friends named jacque and he said no. and i was thinking the only jacque's i know are jacque stevens and jacque weech and im prrreetty sure jacque stevens didnt write that so i was wondering if it was yoU!!! thanks for commenting, how are you!?>

  11. :) That's so funny! I'm so good! Just workin my way through ASU's nursing program for now. When are you due?

  12. the beginning of december! it was the 7th, then the 8th and now im moved back to the 10th hahaa

  13. CUTE! I still laugh when I hear JJ almost cried at the sight of the "perfect crib". Best parents ever!

  14. hahahaha yeah he's pretty much hilarious and going to be the best dad!! i think we are going to buy that "PERFECT CRIB" this weekend haha ill let you know how it goes :)