So pretty much ive been miserably sick for waaay too long! Ive tried a variety of things my doctor has suggested and prescribed such as....


an anti-nausea called zofran

The obvious Several Small Meals a day

And last but definately not least...
so needless to say (im sure my siblings will love this one...) me being my naive self when it comes to drugs and medicine (i hate taking medicine) read the label of the pills my doctor prescribed me this week and it said "PROMETHAZINE" and i read the list of side effects:

" Abnormal thoughts; agitation; confusion; fainting; hallucinations; loss of coordination; mood or mental changes; overexcitement; blurred vision, dizziness; uncontrolled muscle movements (eg, movements of the arms, legs, tongue, eyes); unusual sweating; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue 

you can see how i would be worried especially considering im "WITH CHILD". Anyways so im thinking that the name of the med rings a bell and i cant quite tell what its from and then it pops into my head....

...Lil' mama try to hit me with the Shoulder Lean
This Cut-Co-Crack and I control the team
Couple bricks stacked on that triple beam
My dirty bro sippin' that promethazine
That gonja green, that Cali Weed..."

So im freaking out by the time i get to work and text my sisters and brother and see if they know anything about it. Maybe the pharmacist gave me something wrong? haha but anyways i was informed there are several forms of it and that i was ok. i took it. i passed out and slept for 2 hours at work curled up in a ball on the floor. i woke up to mimi (my little down syndrome best friend) holding my face between her hands touching our noses together saying "kayla? kayla! KAYLAAAAA WAKE UPPPP!!!!" and that was my only and last experience with the beloved drug. Im done trying to take medicine, i figure im almost 12 weeks and hopefully it will pass soon.


  1. you want some?? it was only $10 and ive got tons...it helps with being sick you just have to deal with the side effects which are weird. But yeah if you need some give me a call...IM NOT A DRUG DEALER..JUST TRYIN TO HELP A GIRL OUT!!

  2. steve and i passed ANOTHER swarm of bees. for real!

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  4. So I came across your blog Kayla and I must say, this post cracked me up! And I can TOTALLY relate. I was way sick for the first three months. It passed though, hang in there! :)

  5. KAYLA! Lex and I were reading about thirst and it said that morning sickness is a symptom of maternal and fetal thirst! Maybe try drinking a lot more water?

  6. Ok your funny! Phengran is not some weird drug! its like the most common medicine they give you for morning sickness, or for nausea if you take a medicine that makes you sick. Like before surgery or anything. The only side effect is the first few times yu take it, your body isnt used to it so it makes you SUPER sleepy. Its got the same effect as benedryl.... Your funny though. Makeing it out to be like its Crack or something. I lived on that medicine when I was pregnant with Jaxon or else I would have never been able to take care of cayden! lol Hope your feeling better-