Some TOP Favs...

JUST in case you were wondering....

10 TV Shows We Love
-One Tree Hill
-Friday Night Lights
-Food Network
-History Channel
-The Office
-30 Rock
-Chelsey Lately
-Lie To Me

10 Favorite Eats
-Costa Vida
-Golden Gate
-Pei Wei
-Paradise Bakery
-La Parilla Suiza
-Steamboat Bills
-Mama's Homeade Meals

10 Things That Happened Yesterday
-Both went to work
-Both came home feeling sick
-Took a Nap
-Went grocery shopping 
-Ragged on the stupid Bachelor
-Took a Bath
-Got things in line for our trip
-Payed Bills
-Decided we're going to start going to the gym "TOMORROW"
-Was the luckiest person alive to be able to fall asleep next to my amazing spouse!!

10 Things We're Looking Forward To
-Seeing each other after work
-Spring Break/Louisiana
-Cooking dinner tonight
-Working out TOGETHER/Losing Weight
-Finishing School FOR GOOD (whenever that will be)
-The Summer (well not jeremy, he'll be working construction outside in it)
-Mexico...the MANY trips we'll take
-Getting a New car this year
-Winning the Lottery

10 Things on Our Wish List
-New Camera and all the works
-New Car
-To buy our own home
-A little extra spending money
-To finish decorating our house/TO DECORATE it PERIOD 
-Money to Travel all the time
-New shoes (jeremy is a shoe whore)
-New Clothes
-Open our own business
-Winning the Lottery :)


  1. Its a miracle you finally put up a new post!! we ragged on the bachelor yesterday too! miss you! I think we are coming to AZ for our break like April 10- May 1 or something I think thats the right dates! I want to see you!

  2. Good job on the new post.. ive been waiting for you to do one! hahaha OTH for life!!! haha

  3. sadly matthew or I did not grace any of your top ten lists but that aside I am excited that you posted,even if there were no pics. I want to hear all about your trip to Louisiana!

  4. Kayla- you are so cute, and I love how much you love Jeremy...life is good when you're in love