Soooo....the news is out, its finally out everyone knows now, no more hiding our darling little girls....
We would like to introduce to the world our new additions to our family...well they are not really that new, we adopted them when they were little puppies in december; they are now 7 months. They are the best puppies ever! We havent had one problem with them, they are well behaved and so smart. Well listen to me braggin like a proud parent...well these girls are the closest im going to come to being a parent anytime soon (sorry mom and sisters, no REAL babies anytime soon). Boston and Rogue have kept us very busy and entertained. We are determined to teach them lots of tricks such as: high five, play dead, go grab the remote, punch in the face, etc...jeremy has already mastered 3 with them...its going to be kinda scary, just you wait!!

They are Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixes that we rescued from the maricopa animal shelter....

Theres pictures online of the dogs and animals they have up for adoption but they get new ones in every day.....
Why not save a life or in our case TWO!!!!

Boston (aka SOCKS) is the one with the white chest, nose/mouth, and feet 
Rogue has the darker face and darker coat throughout

p.s. more to come from our trip to louisiana....


  1. We love Ridgebacks! Bruce and I have been looking at some, we want to get one!

  2. They are the best dogs ive ever had! This past week we went out of town and they stayed at a dog hotel like place and the people said that they were the best dogs they have ever had and wanted to keep them haha...we love our girls!! Since they are a mix they dont have a ridge but im kinda glad i like it better without the ridge. But i definately recommend this breed.

  3. awwww how freaking adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Your pups are so stinkin cute Kayla!! Im jealous I want a lil puppy!!

    ps... I love your header picture.. so cute and funny!!

  4. no not yet, we went to the suns jazz game in Salt Lake. But we will be coming home for a week in April! Like the weekend and week of April 10th. I want to see you it has been wayyyy too long! Awesome puppies by the way!

  5. oh geeeeez, have a real baby. then i will be impressed

  6. bahahaha you and mom and haleigh especially would LOOOOOVE that!!!!