Well we finally made a blog, its not much but whatever. Im pretty sure we wont end up keeping up with it, but jeremy says we have to or our friends will make fun of us. This year has been a crazy busy one! Jeremy's family had 4 weddings within 5 months! Including ours May 10, 2008. We had a blast at the reception, my mom did everything and what an amazing job she did, we're so grateful for her and my dad's help with all of that (even though there were a few disputes including fruit and nuts, was it?). We didnt have much time to socialize with family or friends at the reception because we had people coming up to us constantly, but it was a good time. We honeymooned on a cruise in mexico which was perfect, free food ("YOU DONT UNDERSTAAAAAND" -daddy warbucks), amazing places in mexico, we had so much fun. We came home to our little house that jeremy and i (and skyler, rob/tara, alexis/riley, blake, kaitlyn, haleigh, moner boner, daddio, pops and numerous others) pretty much had to redo the entire house. It is 25 years old and nothing had been done to it since it was built. We had to rip out the old linoleum, toilets, showers/tubs, etc...and replace them will all new ones. The process took several months and LOOOOTS of hard work but its paid off because we are lucky to have our little house now, we love it and are so grateful for my dad for letting us live rent free (for now). Over the summer we took a few trips to mexico and one trip will all of our friends down there, it was so much fun playing settlers of catan and balderdash especially with geoff and his umm creative? initials. We cant wait to go back in the spring. I am still working for Highland Park Elementary in Gilbert with special needs children and jeremy works for Meadow Valley contractors and works on building freeways and bridges. I am in school working toward my education degree i havent decided between elementary ed. or high school english. Jeremy will be starting school in the spring and is still undecided on what degree but whatever he does i know he will be amazing at. 
Besides that nothing else really new, jeremy and i are both blessed to have dependable jobs right now, and we will both be going to school in the spring. We're planning a couple trips in the spring also, hopefully a few mexico trips, sedona in feb (i think), and louisiana for like 10 days in April so we cant wait!!

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  1. I Love you guys, what a cute blog! You better keep up with it.