p.s. jeremy cut his long hair!!!


  1. KAYLAAAA!!!!!!!
    I found your blog on stacies blog and Just wanted to say HI!
    There was a group of us talking about Hawaii the other day and I def brought up YOU and all the funny things you did.. lets just name one... running your moped into a CAR! haha!

    Add my blog!!

  2. PS... your blog is sooo cute!! I LOVE all your guys pictures there adorable of you two!

    TELL kaitlyn and your mom and dad hii ooo and blake too!!!

  3. Daaaaang girl its been a long time!!! Yeah im still skiddish around mopeds/vespas, still trying to get over that feeling of flying off of it landing on the ground and watching my moped go crashing into a viper at 35/40 mph hahah that trip was incredible...i think the hilight was either (was it amelia?) getting trapped in the parking garage or katie's big arss shattering that glass coffee table and trying to blame it on tiny ole karen.

  4. hahahahaha... yah the table part was pretty dang funnny, I totally forgot that Katie did that.. and I am pretty sure Jenna and stacie were talking about measuring certain things out of a magazine right when it happened... haha I dont memeber who got stuck in the parking garage but I rememeber that very very vividly and she had to wait for someone to come in.. sounds a lot like something good ol ameila would doo.. shes still ditzy like that haha! Moped day was the best day by far that we had there!!