Always Fresh

So Jeremy and I are going to be playing in a softball league and our games will be on moday nights so if anyone is needing somthing entertaining to do for FHE come creep on us. Im not sure how this is going to work for me yet. Because the doc did tell me no more sports buuuuuut im sure ill be fine, im sick of not being able to do anything, so i guess we will see what happens? 

We are both back to work and reality, it was nice both of us being off together, well jeremy worked a little it in between holidays but pretty much we spent the last couple weeks off work together. We've decided that we need to make some resolutions (better late than never):

*Use our Zoo memberships that we purchased
*Exercise daily (-our lovely pilates video and kit that we bought-)
*Save money for our trips (sedona, louisiana, family trip-prob cruise, and our several mexico trips we're likely to make)
*Get Organized!!
*Journal better
*Take more pictures
*Read more
*Cut back on the IBC and Add more Greens



  1. LETS GO RUNNING TOGETHER!... or walking? haha or do something somewhat athletic. I need to get in shape, haleigh is kickin our butts.

    P.s. read my blog and know whats goin on in my life.

    p.p.s. what happened to you making it cute?

  2. yeah i would love to go running/walking...i guess it would be jogging if you meet the two in the middle? my knees are just so freaking crappy that they hurt when i jog for a long time, but i could quickly walk with you? sounds creepy but itll work ha. check the new blog post that is to come soon (maybe today) that has jeremy and i's new schedule for the next couple months so we can figure out when to get together...i think you should come over and do pilates and yoga with me at my house. jeremy and i bought a pilates and yoga set at walmart its amazing i love it.

    p.s. i forgot to get on it, i was working on some pics for allison tyler jones..speaking of i want you to look at them and tell me what you think...go to my flickr account and look at them. well its a new flickr account at kayvroussel

  3. i'll come overrrrr this week!
    i say you mom hales and me should sign up for POLEATES! its like pilates... but wth a pole! lets do ittttt

  4. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah where do we do that??? im soooo down. when is it??